FAQ Page

How much does it cost to make a vinyl toy?

Cost of making a vinyl toy varies due to several factors:

Complexity of the figure – How many parts and points of articulation. Complexity of the design and how many molds it will take to make in this process.

Size – This will affect the cost exponentially and will impact all elements of the cost and process. Larger molds cost more to make; they also use more vinyl making the cost of the figure more.

Production Run Size – Simply, more pieces the cheaper per unit cost. I like to say there is no minimum and am always willing to work with different budgets.

Vinyl Color Changes – As mentioned the more pieces made of the same color vinyl its easier to control cost. Not that color switches aren’t available it has to do more with being able to buy the raw material in bulk which in turn makes the cost cheaper for all concerned. Vinyl like Glow In The Dark or Clear vinyl, and transparent vinyl all are more expensive and costs vary between the types. Items like colored flake is also available. “Marbling” is available as well.

Paint Masks/Stencils – These labor-saving masks are available and suggested for details like eyes, teeth, and various designs. They are affordable and can be made during the mold making process.

Elbow Grease – How much work are you willing to do? A lot of money can be saved but doing some very simple things like assembly and trimming. I can do these things for you but the will increase the cost as well as increase the turnaround time.

How long does it take?

This is mainly determined by two elements.

The mold makers schedule. They may be experiencing a high volume of work and we will be put in line with the rest of the molds. In most cases 4 to 6 weeks is the turn around on molds. Once the molds are in hand and the test shots are approved we can zero in on a production timeline.

Would be my production schedule. Chances are I am either working on my production or someone else production run. Either way I will try to get things done in a timely manner and am more then willing to produce short batches for you when time permits. All this can be determined once we get the ball rolling.

What type of master/original/prototype do you need to have molds made?

I can use any physical original made from hard wax or clay, epoxy putty, super sculpey or polymer clay, resin etc. High resolution 3D files can also be used and we can arrange a file transfer. With 3D files I will need measurements for the output size you want if not predetermined. For physical originals please know although I cannot guarantee that the original will not be damaged in the mold making stage be aware the mold makers will take the utmost care with the original with it.

Do you do the painting?

Due to limited time and space I have to decline painting in most cases. In time I will eventually be able to offer this service but presently I will need to decline.

Do you offer packaging?

No. With online printing being readily available and affordable, and as well you are most likely better at photoshop then I am so I decline to offer this service.

What do you need for a quote?

Master or original or turn around photos with accurate measurements for all dimensions and parts. Any additional services you are needing (trimming, assembly etc.).

What type and color vinyl you are considering.

Quantity of the production run.

Initial quotes given over email are just estimates and are subject to change once the original is in hand and can decrease or increase the estimate. Once a solid mold estimate is in hand we can confirm all the services and costs and I will issue a formal quote form and payment schedule for you sign and return with initial payment.

Where is the casting done?

The casting is done in Denver, Colorado.

Where are your mold makers?

Due to the technical nature of this type of mold making and me being a one person shop I lean on high quality mold makers in China and Japan currently. These are quality oriented mold makers with an eye for detail and years of mold making experience with toys.