About the Company

Who is Mile High Sofubi?

Mile High Sofubi is a two-year project that toy maker and artist Paul Schiola has been putting together. Paul’s idea was to create vinyl toys and other products using the traditional Dow Chemical 1950s process of slush casting into metal molds.

As with most production, it has been sent overseas and was no longer done in the United States. This type of toy production flourished in Japan as well as China and other countries. Today Japan and is known as a mecca for vinyl art toy production.

For years this was a source of inspiration to Paul and he has striven to emulate the process of the Japanese, cobbling equipment and information from many resources. His hard work has paid off and Mile High Sofubi is open for business!

A bit about Paul. He has been sculpting more than 40 years in various materials and subjects. He has sculpted many licensed items and for almost a decade has sculpted and made his own toys, statues and replica, selling them across the world. ​For further information or production questions, please contact us via email at info@milehighsofubi.com.